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Akwaaba Collection

~Akwaaba! ~

Akwaaba is is a Ghanaian word which  translates Welcome. 


I'm excited to finally present to you our upcoming spring/summer collection titled Akwaaba Collection!

This collection was inspired by our Mommy-daughter trip back home, Ghana 🇬🇭 ! A designer's dilemma! Sometimes the design becomes the inspiration for the collection other times the fabric becomes the inspiration. Clearly we know which won!

 Although I had sketched out what my next collection would look like way before this unexpected trip 😅, those ideas and looks had to take a back seat after seeing ,touching and feeling all these yummy African print fabrics in person . 😍🥰😘


I must admit, I'm very proud of this body of work and I hope it inspires the Akese woman in all our Queens this season. Once again, Akwaaba to all our Queens!


One thing to note is #donotsleeponthis !

Pre orders are officially open Now!

Ships on 4/15/22