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Head Wraps and Pre-Tied Crowns

 We are grounded in the deep roots of our culture. After years of continuous love and pride in our headwraps, we are excited to continue the tradition of Crowing our Queens with the options of our classic traditional fabric headwraps and our much easier pre-wrapped headwraps.

2 types of headwraps!

1. Classic headwrap measures 15x72 inches. They are very versatile, double as a headwrap and scarf can be worn in so many different ways.

2. Pretied headwraps are ready to wear and satin-lined. Our pretied headwraps were specifically created for Boss women on the GO! The goal is to make it super easy for our queen to rock our crowns looking fabulous, sassy, and fun while protecting our hair. These Pretied headwraps are 100% satin lined and comfortable. No need to wrap this piece, just put it on like a cap.


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