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Akese Sourced Favorites

Hi Queens, this new year has thrown some challenges to every business and through our pivoting we have learned a lot to say the least. The turn of events birth our well received Akese Power Masks which has been seen in Oprahmagazine, Forbes magazine, Chicago Sun-Times, Allure  to mention a few and also our current capsule collection Akese Summer Vibes. Our unique statement pieces and cover-ups have been well received, to complete the look ,we have out sourced for the first time swimsuit to complement and complete the looks par your request.

We now have swimsuits and other summer essentials such as fun earrings, hats, sunglasses and other pieces for a complete a summer look 😎 


This set of inventory are  strictly sourced products that we love and have carefully hand selected with you in mind to compliment the overall summer pool or beach looks. As much as we love creating our unique Akese Stylelines pieces, we also believe these products compliments the overall look.

Transparency is key, therefore every single piece which  is outsourced will be indicated and added to this collection list called  "Akese Sourced Favorites".

We are loving this new blending phase and hope you love these pieces as much as we do.

Happy shopping ;-]


Fashion Designer