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Atinkapa Good vibes collection

Atinkapa is a Ghanaian Phrase which translates  good feeling or good vibes. 
Warmth and sunshine are my favorite seasons ! In this season, from sketch to sewing, I created our new pieces only on my most energetic ,happy vibrant days. It had to be a real happy day, the vibe had to be right! Thus the name, Atinkapa ,Good Vibes!
It was such a joy creating and working with different fabrics, colors, textures, palettes and of course our cherished unique African prints fabrics.
The concept of some of my favorite pieces in this collection was created a little over a year ago, I introduced a few pieces on select shows during art festival season last summer for feedback. Loved the response! I'm very proud and happy to share the full collection with our Queens this season. Thank you all for your support 🙏🏿.
 This collection is versatile, bold, unique, undoubtedly the most fun yet functional wearable art period 👌🏿! If eating your cake and having it was an look, this is it! . 
Some pieces is this collection are very limited and you don't want to miss it . 
Collection goes live 3/31/23 3:00 PM CT


Atinkapa good vibes collection! Wearable Art, handmade dresses, pants, Jackets, tops, African print clothing, pleated satin versatile dresses, blazers, headpieces,  and shorts