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Crown Queen Collection

Crown Queen Collection, because Royalty demands a crown! đź‘‘

We are super excited to Introduce to you our latest collection themed,  Crown Queen Collection 

 At Akese Stylelines, we believe every woman is a Queen. As Queens our crown which is a traditional symbolic pieces, represents our power, legitimacy, triumph, honor, glory, immortality,resurrection and Victory. All these attributes and more defines who we are as women thus this collection was created to further encourage empower, reaffirm who we are as women, mothers, wives,  entrepreneurs and all round boss women.

This collection was created to urge woman to be bold in every space they find themselves and also to encourage those of us who may not feel courageous enough to power through own their spaces as Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini  said in her winning speech.

For this reason our pieces have individually been named after powerful women or Queens who made significant change in their time leaving a mark in history. Women like Yaa Asantewaa Ghana, 

Year 2020 is our year , women all around the world will be seen and heard in our Crown Queen Collection.

 As always our collections are always statement pieces and therefore you will be recognized, captured, complimented, and be the center of attention as our pieces are conversation starters.

Enjoy wearing our crown Queen Collection, knowing that we appreciate you, we see you and we are cheering for you.

We appreciate your continued support!


Jennifer Akese- Burney 

Creative Designer