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Face Masks

In light of the new global pandemic, we have decided to be part of the change we want to see. We are making vibrant masks* (and optional matching head wraps and neckpieces) to protect our clients without compromising style, thus fabulously named Akese Power Mask!

*As a disclaimer, this product is not an approved CDC protection mask against corona virus and has not been verified in any shape or form to guarantee protection from contagions. 

We believe that some protection is better than no protection. These masks are made of 100% cotton fabric and are natural, breathable, and reusable. Masks can be bought separately or together with other pieces as a set.

Since we started creating our #akesepowermask our designs have been recognized and featured in Forbes, Chicago Sun-Times, Allure,  Status magazines other international digital and print news. 

Check out our story in Forbes


Our sizes are for 

Small fits Petite adults and Kids,

Adults medium(Average Size)]

Adults large  Size 18 and up 

Masks generally ship 3-5 business days after date of purchase. Thank you.